Sunday, August 15, 2010

5 down, 60 to go...

As I typed the title of this post, I smiled and then sighed deeply. Make no mistakes about it -- I am incredibly proud of myself for getting through Week 1 as well as I did, and for dropping five pounds (even without exercise -- I'm adding that this week, since I didn't think I could deal with everything at once) in seven days. Not bad, if I do say so myself. And apparently, I do.

That said, I seriously can't believe that I still have 60 pounds to go. I know it won't drop off as quickly after the first week or two and it feels a little overwhelming.

But, as all the cliches say...every journey starts with a single step...nothing ventured, nothing gained...and miles to go before we sleep...blah blah blah. They're right. I didn't get here overnight and I certainly won't get back to a healthy place overnight. Which is too bad, because I really like instant gratification. Which might be part of the problem...

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